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Boss fz2/hyper fuzz pcb


I just read your very awesome write up on the fz2. My question is will you being making a pcb for it? Also, if only using the “fuzz II” (super fuzz) setting and wanting to recreate that one, would I just make a super fuzz? Would that be the same?

I have a fz2 and it is my favorite pedal. I just worry about the day it goes down on tour and would also love to not have to take it on tour. Hence the clone I want to make. And just to reiterate, I just want the “fuzz II” circuit. The other 2 I never use. Especially the boost! Dont even know why they put that in the pedal.

Thank you and take care



Not yet! There is only one schematic of the fz-2 online, and I am not very sure that it is correct.
I would need to trace the circuit!

The fuzz II circuit (my favorite too!) is the “scooped” setting of the Univox Super Fuzz. However, it is slightly different from a classic Super Fuzz because of the equalizer circuit.

A Super Fuzz classic circuit will be close but you will have less EQ possibilities (Super Fuzz can have a lot of trebles…)

I will consider it!