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Is this forum a good idea?



I had a hard time to decide whether it could be useful to have a forum related to my website (

After all, there are many forums out there about DIY guitar pedals :,, the madbean forum and even a reddit thread about guitar pedals. Sometimes people also share info on forums as well. Moreover, this is not a free forum so it is also a small investment (hosting…etc) :expressionless:

However, I think it can still be a good way to share the pedals made with Coda Effects PCB or not, to notify some problems with some blog posts or build docs, and also to ask questions about how circuit works. Finally, it might also be a good tool for debbugging.

So what do you think?
Could this be useful to you?





I’ve been following your blog with deep attention for a while now.

I think forums, as opposed to facebook groups and such, are better for sharing informations and having discussions, whatever is the subject !

Plus a new forum is an opportunity to create a small, yet cohesive community which will share their knowledge and passion.

However, restraining the forum to Coda Effects related stuff is a pity considering the potential that such a forum has. Imho people should be able to share informations and discuss any kind of build they do, and in some other sections the music associated with the pedals and the members general life !

Creating a community rather than just discussing technical stuff would be lovely.

Cheers !


PS : The mobile version of the website is really nice to use so that would be a big pro haha !


Thank you!
Indeed, I was totally open to other kind of discussions :slight_smile:
I have just created a “Music” category so we can discuss about it, I am pretty sure that we have some common tastes!




While it can be tough to stay on top of all of the DIY pedal forums, the more the better. If it weren’t for all of the kind folks posting their knowledge and experience and offering help on these DIY forums, I likely would have given up pedal building years ago. As a guy with no formal training in electronics, forum posts have helped me get through all sorts of pedal issues over the years. And I’ve learned a shit ton to boot!

It would have sucked to have given up over an ungrounded input jack…


Hi Everyone ! I’m a new french DIY pedal builder on this nice forum, i’ve read a lot of interesting stuff on Coda Effects blog so I thought I had to join this forum


Hi All,

Was speaking to Mr Coda yesterday and he suggested I joined up and shared my build.

I’ve built 3 pedals so far but they were full kits with PCB etc etc and that was a long long time ago. This time I’m giving strip-board a bash and see if I can build a Jan Ray clone. I’ll do a build/fail thread when I get started (think all the parts were delivered today).



Pour : un forum en français !


here are my latests builds and favourites so far :slight_smile:

  • Big Muff OP-amp done using an Ali-Express PCB with components from Tayda : sounds great
  • Modded Rat (PCB by GuitarPCB) started one year ago and debugged recently : fantastic sound
  • my latest : Dolmen Fuzz PCB by Coda Effects, I’ve done the Ram’s head 73 version, I managed to build it straight away, starting in the morning and played with it end of the afternoon. No problems to build it, the PCB is great and easy to solder on, the sound of this Rams head is unbelievable…


I think there should a social media group for guitar DIYers to share and colab. :slight_smile:


we are here :slight_smile:

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