Coda Effects

Need infos to identify


hello, I have 4 transistors that I recovered in the circuits of a very old system, they are marked BC4088 but impossible to find information. Does anyone have any information on it?


ok, i got it, it BC408B


HFE ~200, hm hm, not a lot. What can I build with this ?


Perfect range for a Big Muff !
A Russian Big Muff usually use this kind of hfe


good idea but i bought some KT3102EM and russian / ukrenian diodes specially for the green, with your red muff pcb by the way, and a ELK sustainar with a quartet of PNP NEC A733 and craps capacitors to keep the low cost mind of this muff version. So… maybe a fuzz face ? Or an other muff, yes. Why sooo many muff ? Because they are good !