Coda Effects

Request for PCB's


Hello dear little young communauty, i am looking for some clone circuit able to fit if it is possible in 1590b format :

DOD FX32 Meat Box
DOD FX13 Gonkulator
DOD FX33 Buzz Box (or M.A.S.F Kidnapper)
DOD FX86 Death Metal Distortion (or BOSS HM-2)

Thank you !


I have not seen any of these pedals online for now… I think that the Buzz Box is very close to the Dod Grunge with a minor tweak on the filtering section. I can try to have a look


i think the Buzz Box is a Grunge + MXR Blue Box. The MASF version is nice because just two knobs only and 1590b shaped but designed for piezo and not easy to find.


my requests would be a PCB for a big muff OP-amp and also a Deluxe Big Muff that is the OP-amp Big muff and a soul preacher compressor in the same box…


I have all of this in production