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Vemuram - Jan Ray


Hi All,

Going to document my first true DIY build of a Vemuram Jan Ray clone. So here goes.

I bought the kit from -
and the clone is from -

Kit Contents:
1x 100R Metal Film Resistor 0.25W 1%
1x 680R Metal Film Resistor 0.25W 1%
1x 1k2 Metal Film Resistor 0.25W 1%
3x 3k3 Metal Film Resistor 0.25W 1%
1x 7k5 Metal Film Resistor 0.25W 1%
2x 9k1 Metal Film Resistor 0.25W 1%
2x 1M Metal Film Resistor 0.25W 1%
1x 39nF Polyester Film
1x 47nF Polyester Film
1x 47nF Polybox
1x 1uF Polybox
1x 1uF Multilayer Ceramic Long Lead
2x 47uF 25V Electrolytic
1x 22pF Ceramic Disc
1x 47pF Ceramic Disc
1x 150pF Ceramic Disc
4x 1N4148 Diode
1x 1N5817 Schottky Diode
1x MC1458 Dual Op Amp
1x 470k lin 16mm Potentiometer
1x 47k lin 16mm Potentiometer
1x 10k lin 16mm Potentiometer
1x 10k 6mm Cermet Preset
1x 64x95mm Stripboard
1x 3PDT Footswitch
1x 2.1mm DC Chassis Socket
1x DPDT Min Toggle Switch

Last night I managed to go through the components to make sure they are all there and I seem to be missing the 1uF Multilayer Ceramic Long Lead. See photo below to show what I have laid out and you can see a 1u is missing near the top right which I think is where that component must go?

I have 2 questions about the build. Am I right in thinking this is the 1u where I have it positioned very bottom left?

Also the schematic states all the diodes are 1N4148, but the component list has 4x of them and 1x 1N5817 Schottky Diode. Now does anyone suggest where I should place this different diode in the schematic (D1 to D5 are the options).

Looking forward to getting going with this once I get the missing component.



Good start!
Cannot wait to see how this ends :slight_smile:


Initially I thought I had missing parts (which technically I am missing the 100n) but after contacting Bitsbox they confirmed their kit was for the previous version and as such doesn’t have the 100n and also has a 1N5817 diode in place of a 5th 1N4148 at D5. Do you think these changes will make a big difference?

Bob from Bitsbox also pointed out the component I have over the 100n very top right is actually the 1uF Multilayer Ceramic Long Lead, which should be moved to 1uF slot very bottom left and the 1uF polybox can then move to the missing component right of the IC.

I took a little time the other night and measured each resistor with a multimeter, being colourblind this helped with identification haha.

I also marked out the 11x18 section of stripboard I will need. Was suprised how small it actually is.

Hopefully get time tonight or tomorrow to get it cut down, make the cuts in the traces and maybe get the jumpers put in.

I think this weekend could be a write-off though as I have the Brewdog AGM on sat night (giant party with about 5000 people, 8 bars/breweries, loads of food, 7 bands playing and all you pay for is the beer and food).


Well that was a wild weekend as thought. Anyway got a bit more done.

Marked out the cuts to make.

Then I used a couple drill bits and cut the traces out (just by hand no drill used)

Last night I managed to populate the board, but I woke up this morning in a panic knowing I forgot to check the polarity of the 2 Electrolytic Capacitors. I’ll have to revisit and correct their orientation if wrong. I can already see from this photo the top one is wrong and knowing my luck they both will be. Hopefully I don’t mess things up too bad.


Well checked last night and I did have BOTH Electrolytic Capacitors around the wrong way (I think). So I swapped them round and hopefully thats all the problems with the board.

I also wired the toggle switch for changing clipping. Hopefully I did this correctly as I wasnt sure if the schematic was a top or bottom view. I think it shouldnt make a difference though as it would just reverse the clipping either way?

I also started to think about how I’m going to lay everything out in the case. What do you think about this?


Is your enclosure a 125B?

If it is a 1590B, you will have a hard time fiting top mounted jacks unfortunately.

Your switch is perfectly wired, no worries!
Everything seems to be going well :slight_smile:


Yeah its a 1590B. Having a look at how the Timmy is set out I’ll just copy that. Now ive settled on that the next step will be to drill the enclosure and fit the parts into it.


Got a little more done on this build. Decided to make a cardboard mokeup of the case before I ruined the metal one.


Looking good!
Good idea to add the clipping switch, it should give you interesting resulsts :slight_smile:


Thanks. Next step is to drill the proper case when I find the time. Then see if I can wire it in correctly. I think I remember you had a good post about that so will go over that a few times.


Really need to pull my finger out and do some more on this. Maybe see if I can find some time this weekend.


Where is the final result? >)


Hi, sorry still not progressed this further. Been moving into a new house and sorting all that out. Need to get my man cave setup!!!


Great news. Post it when you can :slight_smile:


100% will once I get sorted and actually finish it. A LOT to do around the new house though so may be a while !!!


I know the feeling, I changed between countries 1 month ago, still waiting for a change to get my lab here. :slight_smile: