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Your vintage guitar pedals



I guess that many of you are pedal nerds like me… I really like to collect vintage effects, it feels like owning a piece of music electronics history somehow!

I have 4 pedals that are “collectible”:

  • Boss Hyper Fuzz FZ-2 (these things are getting rarer and rarer!)
  • Boss DD-2 (first digital effect in stompbox format!)
  • Univox Superfuzz (love it!)
  • Maestro FZ-1A (one of the first fuzz ever made!)

This things seems quite expensive, but I always look on listing website, and with a lot of patience you can get these for pretty “affordable prices”.

I usually buy non working vintage effects and repair it. That is how I got the Super Fuzz and Maestro FZ1A!

Here is a picture

My next dream would be to get and Ibanez Session Man. These things are distortion + chorus, 80s spirit all the way! With the DD-2, I will be ready to rock an old pink Charvel haha!
And you? Do you got some vintage stompboxes?


Great Pedal, I love Superfuzz sound, I’ve only got a Behringer SF300 which i think has a huge sound (FZ-2 copy ?) The only vintage fuzz I own is a Guyatone FS-5 Fuzz Wah which seems to be a bit like a superfuzz in terms of huge nasty sound, i will post a picture… I mostly play using a Big Muff, Rat2 or SF300…


Nice ! It is indeed a Ibanez Standard Fuzz (quite similar to the Super Fuzz) with a wah!I would love to see pictures of that :slight_smile:


here are a few pictures of the beast, I can also take a picture of the inside, the fuzz works allrght but the wah needs a bit of work I think. I got it for 300 Francs in 1989 with a 70’s Welson organ…


Im not much of a collector. I have a couple boss pedals. A compressor and actually a FZ-2 also. Bought them both mega cheap on ebay YEARS ago. So nice to hear the fuzz is worth something now.


A good friend of mine gave me a Shin Ei ME-7, one of the first “multi effects” out there… hahaha
It can be a wah, a volume pedal, or generate sounds such as sirens, “hurricane” and “waves” noise, pretty much useless, but one day I’ll have a noise rock band and I’ll be the king thanks to it !


I have just seen this demo of the ME-7, it is just hilarious!!

This pedal is so fun!! :joy::joy:


It is !!
It made me want to mess around and experiment with it again now haha